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The Golden Rock Box Office Report - 10/29/07

The Sunday Hong Kong box office has not been updated yet, so just wait for another day.

- Japanese attendance ranking is out, but only in Japanese. Finally, Hero has been dethroned, and by a Takashi Miike film, no less. Crows Zero marks Miike’s first number one debut this year (out of his four or five theatrical release this year so far), and Miike’s first number one film….ever?

Meanwhile, Hero is still at number 2, while the melodrama Zo No Senaka starring Koji Yakusho opened at number 3, Neil Jordan’s The Brave One with Jodie Foster could only muster a number 5 opening, Matthew Vaughn’s Stardust did even worse with a 6th place opening. Opening in a somewhat wide release (only three screens in central Tokyo, but looks like a total screen count of 100 or so) is Jigyaku No Uta with Miki Nakatani and Hiroshi Abe only got an 8th place opening.

While the box office still seems somewhat quiet, there were still 6 newcomers on the top 10. We’ll see how everything else did when the numbers come out.

- In Korea, things were pretty quiet as Lee Myung-Se’s M opens only a third place with 276,000 admissions. Still 6 of the top 10 films are Korean, which has to be a sign of the industry turning around…or Hollywood just isn’t offering very good products.

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