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This Monkey has a Secret

Monkey Jay ChouThis Monkey can drift a race car like nobody’s business, plus he can sing, compose music, and play piano with the best of them. What he can’t do is act, compose without ripping off himself, plus emote beyond a single expression that implies anger, fear, pain, lust, and probably hunger, outrage, and contentment. He’s a talented monkey, all right. We’re insanely jealous.

Why we’re writing about a monkey is totally unknown. I have a hard time filling up spaces with random blather that is purported to mean something. Maybe this means I can’t write. This monkey can probably write better than me. He can compose music after all. Plus, he won a Best New Artist Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards. That’s some monkey.

NOTE: the above is a thinly-veiled, rather unfunny reference to Jay Chou. It’s also a test post. If you take it seriously, then we pity you.

7 Responses to “This Monkey has a Secret”

  1. Lance Manion Says:

    What the hell is this entry about? This is supposed to be an Asian Film Blog, and not some crap about stuffed monkeys! You better get your act together, or I’ll revoke my membership.

  2. Snow Says:

    Free the Monkey!

  3. Generosity Says:

    There’s a monkey in all of us!

  4. wongsaurus Says:

    Is that Son of Kong or Mighty Joe Young?

  5. Anita Says:

    LOL! Gosh, you’re so darn hilarious! =0) I am having a good time reading your stuff here. IT’s so goooood! Thanks, pal! Plus, I sooooooooo agree with you about that monkey! HA HA HA HA HA! Gosh, I’m having a great time here!

  6. Generosity Says:

    Oh, gee. Now you’re just being cruel.

  7. ed Says:

    so that’s what J.A.Y.C.H.O.U really means. mystery solved! Copyright © 2002-2019 Ross Chen