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Stone Wong cannot be denied

This is worth sharing:

Michael Wong and his sax
“Mommy, look! Stone Wong can play a musical instrument!”

Even though Michael Wong barely makes films nowadays - his appearance in Tsui Hark’s Seven Swords could qualify as his last memorable screen role - the man is still around. Currently, he’s shilling for HSBC, one of Hong Kong’s two biggest banks, in print ads all over the territory.

This picture is from a magazine, but if you happen by the Tsimshatsui MTR station, you may be able to catch a larger-than-life glimpse of Wong, as this image measures a good fifteen feet high on the MTR walls. There’s also an alternate ad of Wong playing the accordion. No further commentary is necessary.

In other Wong news, you can catch Michael’s brother Russell in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, currently losing screens all over North America.

7 Responses to “Stone Wong cannot be denied”

  1. Jo Says:

    This year’s Mr Hong Kong Pageant winner reminded me of Michael Wong. The crooked English, charming smile. And the fact he was also called Michael. Or maybe I’m just missing Michael Wong too much…hopefully the sign in TST will still be there when I’m in HK in a couple of months.

  2. MW Says:

    I want to see the Stone Wong Accordion picture please. Shouldn’t Michael Wong be peaking right now? We are in the age of foreign Chinese returning home and taking over the entertainment industry. Or was Michael Wong a pioneer?

  3. achillesgirl Says:

    Yes, I want to see him play the accordion too! lol.

  4. Dom Says:

    Michael Wong is Michael Beihn - same guy gotta be

    Now’s the time for Beast Cops 2 !!!!!

  5. MW Says:

    Has Michael Wong found Tai Chi Lung yet?!?! (House of Fury)

  6. Sean-Francis Connolly Says:

    Michael Wong kicks ass. He has this kind of…unique charm! He can’t speak cantonese, his acting is hella wooden and he has a squeaky voice, yet you love him all the same. I hope he returns to films soon, I second Dom’s motion for a Beast Cops 2, the first was awesome.

  7. etchy Says:

    well he did make another movie… Overheard.

    But you should note that HSBC is actually THE biggest bank in the world and besides for shilling for them, he also shills for Chow Tai Fook and a number of other luxury companies… so I think he’s doing just fine.

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