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Andy Lau a victim of sexual harassment. Sort of.

While I’m on vacation in Los Angeles and trying to figure out what to do with this new blog, here’s some fun and rather disurbing news from Hong Kong. It’s now two weeks old, but like everything else around here, our ability to report - or skewer - news is rather slow.

As reported by (via Yahoo! Hong Kong), Andy Lau has been sexually harassed for years. The perpetrators: tourists who visit Hong Kong to feel up his fake body at Madame Tussaud’s House of Embalmed Corpses, er, Wax Museum. Apparently, visitors have been getting a mite too close to the Infernal Affairs-themed Andy doll in order to touch, nibble, or finger various parts of his fake body.

The Andy Lau Sandwich
Too much sexual harassment can mummify you. 

There have also been reports of visitors unzipping his pants, or even reaching into them - hopefully because they’re professionals paid to check out the quality of the wax. Regardless of these individuals’ skills at wax Q.C., workers at the museum state that they have to check the statue at the end of each day to see if Wax Andy is still in one piece. Physically, that is. Psychologically, there may be no hope for Wax Andy, or for real Andy once he gets a load of his wax twin’s adventures.

A look at some of the damage to Wax Andy:

Someone nibbled this too hard
Superglue would probably help.

And how did this happen?

A stapler may fix this
This nose can tell stories that
would shock and disturb you.

2R recently made their own close inspection of Wax Andy and came up with this evaluation:

2R expect more from their men

Andy Lau’s reaction:

“Don’t touch my wax brother!”
“I call shenanigans! It’s not supposed to be anatomically correct!”

Note: everything except for Andy Lau’s reaction and the bit with 2R is totally true. Maybe next time I’ll come up with a real blog entry.

4 Responses to “Andy Lau a victim of sexual harassment. Sort of.”

  1. Dansk Says:

    What can I say? One blog entry is as good as another, especially when a molested wax model of Hong Kong’s favourite megastar is the subject matter.

    Now about that ear; has Mike Tyson paid Hong Kong a visit recently?

  2. nicole Says:

    Well I guess is that if you can’t get your hands on the real thing … wax will do! I love Andy Lau!

  3. zenblitz » Andy Lau a victim of sexual harassment. Sort of. Says:

    […] sourced here […]

  4. ed Says:

    how sordid! thank god it’s a figure based on Infernal-Andy, and not the Running on Karma monk!

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