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More fun with wax

I still have no idea what to do with this blog…so here’s some more wax people to look at. It could be all that we do around here.

In our last blog entry, we mentioned that Andy Lau is the most-harassed wax figure at Madame Tussauds, meaning more people want to touch him than Michelle Yeoh, Yao Ming, Bruce Lee, Lee Ka-Sing and Hitler. But what happens to the other wax figures when nobody’s looking?

Are people harassing one or perhaps both of the Wax Twins?

Better than Twins Mission
Better than any scene
in Twins Mission

Does Janice harass herself?

Two is not necessarily better than one
And what exactly has Janice
done to get her own wax figure?

Is Wax Jackie jealous of Wax Andy?

Even his wax dummy gets some action
“I refuse to be harassed less than Andy Lau.”

Does Cecilia Cheung get angry that Wax Nic gets harassed?

Cecila won’t like this
After Cecilia found out, she arranged
for both this girl’s arms to be broken.

None of the above celebs can hold a candle to Wax Andy’s popularity, which may say a lot about how much people actually like the real Andy Lau. Honestly, Andy Lau deserves his massive popularity; he works very, very hard at being Hong Kong’s top entertainer, and even works when he doesn’t have to.

For example, I took this picture of a friend with Andy Lau while he was bowling a fine game in Tai Kok Tsui:

“Pretend you like him, Andy.”
“I’m kicking ass on the lanes today!
…yeah, I’ll pose for a photo with you.”

The man takes both his bowling and his fans seriously, and never seems given to fits of pique or celebrity attitude. He’s Andy Lau 24/7 - a duty we lesser mortals could probably never handle. After taking the above photo, I declined to have my own picture taken with Andy Lau because he had enough adoring fans looking for photo ops and autographs. Somehow I didn’t feel the need to bother him while he was attempting a seven-ten split. Better to let him enjoy his time on the lanes without yet another fan wanting a piece of him.

Besides, I panned All About Love, and constantly make fun of his CYMA watch ads, so I would feel embarrassed about meeting Andy Lau.

“Don’t touch my wax brother!”
“Buy a CYMA watch! Go on, buy one!”

Meanwhile, a fan just stole Wax Andy’s CYMA watch, which is why he’s got his hand in his pocket.

Wax Andy on a good day
“The fan also stole my hand.”

Poor Wax Andy.

7 Responses to “More fun with wax”

  1. rachael Says:

    it beats me too how janice managed to get herself in wax. andy lau, jackie chan, bruce lee… and janice.

  2. aircompass Says:

    You know, for some reason, they did a REALLY good job with Wax Andy in terms of likeness.

    Jackie, the Twins, Cecilia, Nic and virtually every other wax figure I’ve seen bears a similarity to the celebrity it’s supposed to be made out to be like, but the Andy Lau figure looks uncannily like him than any other, even in pictures.


  3. Dansk Says:

    That Jackie Chan looks like the sculptor started off doing one of Sylvester Stallone, but realized mistake once the cheeks were done. (

    But ya, you turned down a photo opportunity with Andy Lau? Wow, your modesty seemingly knows no bounds.

  4. Buma Says:

    wait…that’s it!?
    you met andy and that’s all you had to say ?
    did you speak to him ? does he know about you or your website ?
    give us more !

  5. spyspeed Says:

    Who’s the wax-hugging babe? She’s more attractive than any new HK film starlet in the last 5 years. Wait, I’m not sure that’s a much of a compliment.

  6. Webmaster Kozo Says:

    I didn’t actually meet Andy Lau…I just took a picture of him. I just decided at the time not to get a picture of myself with him because I saw All About Love and I knew it wouldn’t end well.

    About the wax-hugging girl, I’m not sure who she is. I saved those photos to my hard drive months ago, and I don’t remember where to get them now.

  7. peachey Says:

    I’ve always felt the wax figures don’t resemble their life forms all that great. Some do, most don’t. There’s always something that’s not perfect. Copyright © 2002-2024 Ross Chen