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Back on TV, or Another Sign of the Apocalypse

In a likely horrific development to some, will be on television again.

“Shoot my good side.”

Only a few longtime readers may remember, but a few years ago, I managed a mini guest gig on The Screen Savers, an entertainment program on the G4 network that pushes geek culture to the world at large. My experience consisted of sitting in a make-up chair and running through the questions, which had to do with such movies as Kung Fu Hustle, Casshern, and 2046. After that, I went to the studio and answered those questions, LIVE on camera. Luckily there was no flop sweat involved, but I think I shaved at least two years off my life due to the stress.

As evidence for the above, you can find an archived interview stored here. I do have a video clip of the segment, but I have not yet figured out that new-fangled YouTube thing yet. So, it won’t be posted here anytime soon.

The same thing may or may not occur with my next TV appearance, which is scheduled to occur sometime in early January. I was recently contacted to appear in a segment of Attack of the Show, the followup program to The Screen Savers, only this time they’re in Hong Kong (where I am), and there was no make-up chair or live broadcast. On the downside, there was also no rehearsal so I had to pretty much make up my answers on the fly, which is not easy for a usually camera-shy individual like me.

More photos from the Hong Kong shoot:

“Attack of the Show” host Zach Selwyn and Kozo
“Attack of the Show” host Zach Selwyn and the guy who runs this website

Guest appearance by time-travelling John Woo
A young John Woo (far right) makes a guest appearance.

The most important part of this development: that this happened on Sunday, December 16th, three days after the opening of The Warlords, and practically the only free day I had until the following weekend. I was only notified of this appearance on the previous Thursday, so that means that the day I had earmarked to write a Warlords review had just been booked. As a result, I wasn’t able to write Warlords until the following week, though there are other reasons, which you can read about in this rambling post.

Fortunately or not, this TV appearance is not the precursor to even more media attention, or the crowning of as some sort of major information source like a bunch of other sites. We’ve been online only five years, and are only featured in out-of-context blurbs on Australian DVDs (Reportedly, they managed to get a recommendation out of our Confession of Pain review. God bless them.). We haven’t even interviewed Bey Logan - which is, as everyone knows, the most important thing any Hong Kong Cinema site must do to gain entry into the online fraternity. All we do is watch movies and dish about them. Frequently people disagree. Sometimes they get upset. It’s the way of the world.

So, I am not convinced that this site has somehow arrived. What would convince me? If had its own Wikipedia entry, then I would believe we’ve made it. Until then, I’m just glad that we’re the 22,081st most-visited website in the world. In Australia, we’re the 4762nd most visited site - probably because of those Confession of Pain DVDs. Thanks a lot, Hopscotch Films!

Signing the release form
Kozo signing an autograph…we mean, the release form.

UPDATE: In case people actually do want to see the Webmaster make a fool of himself on television, Attack of the Show airs on the G4 network in the United States, and G4/Tech TV in Canada. However, I’m really not sure when it’s airing. And who knows, I might be cut for more time with Bey Logan.

10 Responses to “Back on TV, or Another Sign of the Apocalypse”

  1. V Says:

    Great! When are they airing the program in HK? And will you please post the video (after it is aired) on some place like youtube for those of us who do not live in HK?

  2. Webmaster Kozo Says:

    Whoops, I forgot to include the information about the program. It actually airs in the United States and Canada. I won’t be able to see it here in HK. That may be a good thing.

  3. V Says:

    Aha! That means that I might get to see it. Now that’s a good thing :D

  4. Buma Says:

    sorry, i only watch Attack of the Show when I want to check out Olivia Munn or Morgan Webb,

    but if I do happen to catch you, i’ll try and remember to record it

  5. quadshock Says:

    oh my…

  6. Webmaster Kozo Says:

    Ha ha, it looks like a page for LoveHKFilm was ushered into the Wikipedia Pit of Quick Deletion(TM). Not surprising, as the site doesn’t really do enough to warrant approval by the Powers that Be at Wikipedia. I’m sure they get tons of submissions for sites that have accomplished nothing - no doubt submitted by the site staff itself. In this case, it was not a site staff person that entered it, but regardless, it looks like we didn’t make the cut. Oh well, something to work towards, I guess…

  7. eliza bennet Says:

    Congrats Kozo! And if I remember correctly, you are one of the lucky bunch who are loved by the camera.

    I’m looking forward to watch this (when you put it up on site that is)

  8. peachey Says:

    Hey Kozo, you’re funny! A little verbose, but still funny. Glad you’ve started a blog. I’ll try to come to more often just to check out your bloggies.

  9. Gabriel Says:

    Not just “Confession of Pain”. The trailer for Force Entertainment’s Australian DVD release of “Initial D” quotes LoveHKFilm as saying, “Killer concept…exhilarating”. Some liberties taken there, it seems…

  10. Buma Says:

    Attack of the Show finally started its Hong Kong special. It looks like it will be a 5 minute piece on Hong Kong running for at least a few episodes. Dont know when you are going to be on though. I didnt see you yesterday, gonna have to watch for the next few days to catch you.

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