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My favorite TV commercial. Well, maybe not.

I love You Tube. It allows me to write next to nothing and still pretend that my blog posts are substantial. I may never write a full post again.

For some odd reason, I feel like sharing this commercial with everyone:

Every time I turn on the television in Hong Kong, I see this ad. I’m not exactly sure why it happens, but it happens. I think it’s following me. Anyway, as a result of Daniel Wu’s convincing concern for my skin, I’ve just bought a case of that product.

Also, repeated viewings of the commercial have given me the opportunity to perfect my Daniel Wu impression, most especially his inimitable way of mixing Cantonese with English phrases. I demonstrated it at work the other day and people went insane. Of course, it could have been because I was wearing this outfit:

Jay Chou could be colorblind
Jay Chou’s washer/dryer combo fails him again

Yes, I used this photo last week. The above photo was from a Secret promotion in Korea. Afterwards, Jay Chou was voted as the worst-dressed celebrity in the country, an honor bestowed upon him by the netizens at Really. I didn’t make that part up, unlike practically everything else that goes on this blog.

Oh, and this is my favorite commercial. It totally makes up for Chow Yun-Fat dropping out of Red Cliff.

By the way, Chow isn’t the only guy that pushes casinos:

I have no desire to stay at a hotel that lets its guests wear shoes in the pool.

In the interest of equal time, here’s a clip of Stephy Tang.

Commercials rock.

Next time: no words, only clips.

13 Responses to “My favorite TV commercial. Well, maybe not.”

  1. MW Says:

    Dear Kozo,

    It is good to know I am not the only male on Earth who was sold on a skincare product by Daniel Wu and (AND!) impersonates/re-enacts this commercial in front of other people to great laughter. If they ever held a Daniel Wu Impersonation Contest, I should win.

    No, seriously I did do all this. Were you kidding? Errr… I wasn’t.

  2. Webmaster Kozo Says:

    Actually, I haven’t bought any of that Hydra Energetic L’oreal skin stuff, but since sleep is a commodity for me, and Daniel Wu highly touts the ability for the product to refresh one’s skin despite the lack of proper rest, it certainly sounds attractive. But if I take the plunge that means that I’m admitting the effectiveness of L’oreal’s crazy ad wizards. Not sure if I can let that happen.

    But yes, I have used this commercial as fodder for impressions. People seem to enjoy it, but I’m sure if I lean on it too much, they’ll get sick of me very soon.

  3. V Says:

    Ha ha! Thanks to the ad, I’ve learned a new phrase in Cantonese today: Take care ngoh ge pei fu :D

  4. MW Says:

    I have actually went into a Mannings/Watsons to take a closer look at the L’Oreal’s product. It does say it helps revitalize nei ge pei fu and make it look healthier. A bit pricey though considering more rest works for free. Why not give it try? Nothing to lose except money and your soul to L’Oreal’s marketing team. At least Daniel Wu wins.

    And why stop at L’Oreal’s? Might as well buy that Seiko multi-timezone watch. As the saying goes nowadays in HK: if it’s good enough for Wu, it’s good enough for you! (I made that up but it works)

  5. TheGoldenRock Says:

    I can imagine myself using Chow Yun-Fat’s line to everything:

    “How was that L’Oreal skin stuff?”
    “…what a question!”

    “How was that casino?”
    “…what a question!”

    “How crappy is that new Chow Yun-Fat commercial?”
    “…what a question!”

    I like the music though, reminds me of The Drummer.

  6. just a fan Says:

    Konzo, you crack me up! I just wanted to say how much I love your site and your blog.

    P.S. Does Daniel Wu say the infamous “because I’m worth it” line during the commercial? I don’t speak Cantonese and I was just wondering…

  7. willow Says:

    I met both of them up close and personal!
    I’d like to hear your Daniel Wu impersonation…or were you meaning mixing canto and english?

  8. Webmaster Kozo Says:

    Hi just a fan, thanks for the compliment. I think Daniel does say a Cantonese version of the “Because I’m/You’re worth it” at the end of the commercial. Give the youtube clip a spin to find out. It’s subtitled.

    Hi willow, my impression of Daniel Wu is entirely based on the combination of Cantonese and English, along with that accent of his. But it’s not like I really practice the thing. I just repeat lines from the commercial once in a while. I can already feel that it’s beginning to get old. Before people laughed, now they just look at me with mixture of fear and disgust on their faces.

    Congrats on meeting them!

  9. MW Says:

    Kozo, would you try to enter a new level of internet fame by posting a funny video of your impersonation of Daniel Wu? Maybe you can get L’Oreal’s as sponsor on this site.

    “P.S. Does Daniel Wu say the infamous “because I’m worth it” line during the commercial? I don’t speak Cantonese and I was just wondering…”
    “…what a question!”

    It’s not a L’Oreal’s commercial without that line. Although Daniel Wu puts a little spin on it by saying “nei doe jik dut yung yow” that translate more to: “Because you’re worth it too.” I’m guessing it implies guys needs to take care of their too, not just girls.

    /end of Daniel Wu skincare commercial analysis

  10. Woopie Says:

    Nice post, I did like it =]

  11. just a fan Says:

    Kozo, I just noticed that I spelled your name wrong in my last post. I do apologize. Thanks for the tip, I did look up the subtitled version on youtube (how I adore youtube). I find it endlessly funny watching the ‘male’ L’oreal ads. Matthew Fox (?) from Lost has also sold his soul to L’Oreal….I mean, has also done a commercial for L’Oreal. The commercials are incredibly cheesy. Also, loving the ‘Daniel Wu soaking in a bath’ shot. It’s hilarious! Bubble bath and scented candles, so manly.

    MW: Yes, you’re right; it just wouldn’t be a L’Oreal commercial without “that” line. Thanks for the translation. I now know a Cantonese phrase, which I shall use to impress my friends and :)

  12. Webmaster Kozo Says:

    MW, I don’t think I will put my Daniel Wu impression online, as it’s really nothing more than me imitating a few of his lines, plus I already trolled for attention by telling people about that G4 appearance. This website has enough shameless self-promotion as it is.

    Just a fan: no problem on misspelling my name. It’s not my real name, anyway, and is more associated with a dancing purple hippo than a guy who likes Hong Kong movies.

  13. just a fan Says:

    Speaking of the purple hippo:

    I think I may be addicted to youtube, can’t get by without my daily fix.

    Anyhow, great site Kozo :)

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