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Holy crap! There’s going to be an Ekin Cheng concert!

I have yet to share my experience at Aaron Kwok’s recent Hong Kong concert, though this picture is likely worth a thousand words:

Aaron rules
“I’m just acting! Really!”

I’ll remember to talk about it in detail one day, but I can probably sum it up right now in one word: fabulous.

Back to the main subject of this post: Ekin Cheng’s manager, Sandy Lamb San-San reportedly told media today that Ekin would hold a concert somewhere in Hong Kong to celebrate his twentieth(!) year in the entertainment industry. It likely won’t be at the Hung Hom Coliseum because sadly, Ekin probably isn’t big enough for that venue anymore.

But who cares? It’s an Ekin Cheng concert and I’m in Hong Kong to see it. I can’t begin to tell you how long I’ve waited for this day.

I predict my experience at the concert will involve the following:

- The concert will start late because all Hong Kong concerts start late. I predict at around 8:15 pm.
- Ekin will wear something shiny.
- Jordan Chan will be the guest performer and they’ll talk about how old they are.
- I will bring a neon sign with “梁詠琪” printed on it.*
- At 8:18 pm, I’ll attempt to throw a DVD copy of For Bad Boys Only at Ekin’s head to let him know that I’m still upset about paying to see it in the theater. Thanks to’s previous “Buy 3 Get 1 Free” campaign, I now own multiple copies of the DVD so I’ll have multiple chances to tag him in the noggin. If I bring some VCDs, I can double my ammunition.
- I’ll hire someone to run up on stage to heckle Ekin for every single time he killed or help kill Roy Cheung or Francis Ng in a movie. I count six times, for Young and Dangerous, Young and Dangerous 3, Young and Dangerous 4, Born To Be King, A Man Called Hero, and Heroic Duo. I’ll throw in a seventh and eighth time for Infernal Affairs 2 because both Roy and Francis died in that, and I believe Ekin was responsible even though he didn’t appear in the film.
- At 8:23 pm, I’ll fend off my first attack from irate fans. I may bring pepper spray.
- At 8:27 pm, I’ll be escorted out by 4 security guards, one of whom will say to me, “I love your site, even though I don’t always agree with your reviews.”
- On my way out I’ll buy a ticket for the second concert to continue pursuing my dream.

Sadly, I probably won’t even be able to make it inside the second concert because members of the Ekin Cheng Forum will show up in force to stop me, likely assisted by their irate boyfriends, who have been forced to skip a PSP ad-hoc wireless party to beat up some guy outside the Ekin Cheng concert.

I cannot predict the outcome of the ensuing melee, but I hope Roy Cheung or Francis Ng appear to back me up. Roy and Francis, if you’re reading this, please show up. Thanks to Exiled and Once Upon a Time in Triad Society 2, I believe you both have the ability to kick ass.

If you’re in Hong Kong at the time, I welcome you to show up and support my cause. If anyone needs extra incentive, I found this photo on my hard drive:

Ekin is the best!
T-shirts don’t lie

Actually, I would like to own a shirt like that too.

*梁詠琪 = Gigi Leung Wing-Kei

7 Responses to “Holy crap! There’s going to be an Ekin Cheng concert!”

  1. quadshock Says:

    you never fail to make me smile with these posts

  2. eliza bennet Says:

    Oh now you HAVE TO tell us about Aaron Concert experience!!!

  3. MW Says:

    Ekin for Chief Executive in 2012 (or 2016)! YES WE CAN!!!

  4. shellie Says:

    hahaha…i always enjoy your posts kozo. i bet you’re bombarded with emails from ekin’s fans huh? you’re probably even more motivated now…and his fans are probably going to mob you at the concert. seriously. ;) LOL

  5. shellie Says:

    oh…are you going to write a 2008 april fool’s joke? now that would be a killer, especially if ekin’s the star. LOL

  6. Jonathan Ehrich Says:

    Do you have any ideas how many times I’ve screamed this at my TV? And know you’ve forced me to scream at my computer.

    “CRAP! I can’t read Chinese!”

  7. Webmaster Kozo Says:


    I’ll try to put something together on Aaron relatively soon…but my seats weren’t that hot. In my photos, he’s incredibly small. Not that he isn’t small in real life, too.


    Sadly, I will probably have to skip an April Fool’s Edition again this year. It will happen during the HKIFF, and I really can’t see that there will be time. I’ll try to update the blog, though.


    You are correct in chastising me. Though I can’t read Chinese, I can read many actor/actress names, but even that is an acquired skill that took years. Damn my elitism! 梁詠琪 = Gigi Leung Wing-Kei.

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