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This summer, you’ll find me at 7-11

One of these days soon, I’ll get around to updating this blog with:

- A minor photo essay on my trip to Italy
- A new edition of Kozo’s Shopping Cart of Crap

Somewhere in there I’ll squeeze in the 10 or so reviews I’m working on.

In the meantime, here’s some awesome personal news: my local 7-11 just got a brand new Slurpee machine:

 The Tai Kok Tsui Slurpee Machine
My best friend this summer.

This means two things: A) now I can get Slurpees near my home to help combat the oncoming muggy days of Hong Kong Summer, and B) it’ll actually function properly because it’s new. A few years back, I tried out a Slurpee machine in Wanchai, but it was apparently old and ignored, because it dispensed a Slurpee that was 80% syrup and 20% everything else. After drinking that Slurpee, my blood sugar level hit an all-time high of 90%.  The sugar high was so great that I woke up the following morning in Aberdeen on a junk, sans wallet. At least I still had my pants.

So this summer, if I miss a site update, that’s probably where I’ll be: getting a Slurpee at 7-11. Maybe nobody else cares, but I sure as hell do. In my book, Storm Riders 2 has nothing on this news.

These guys probably wouldn’t care to hear that.

Aaron and Ekin
“No set visit for you!”

5 Responses to “This summer, you’ll find me at 7-11”

  1. V Says:

    mmmm…. Slurrrpeee!! :D

  2. Dansk Says:

    Storm Riders 2, you say? As directed by the Pang Brothers…

    Aside from the Watchmen film, 2009 just got a whole lot more interesting.

  3. MW Says:

    With the combination of global warming and Hong Kong, Slurpees are probably the most important thing that can be blogged about.

  4. glenn Says:

    Yes, Americans can be proud of a handful of things, including the Slurpee (I’m assuming it’s an American invention?)

    Is it Flaming Brothers that has Chow Yun Fat’s character working at a 7-11 in Hong Kong?

    Knowing that there are 7-11s in Hong Kong means that even a guy like me could survive there.

    Happy Summer!

  5. just a fan Says:

    Damn that 7-11! How dare they try and tempt our beloved webmaster away with sugary, neon-coloured drinks!

    I worry for your health Kozo, the Slurpee machine is not your friend.

    P.S. Around the world in 80 days was on (UK) TV a few weeks ago, guess who popped up?!

    Daniel “I’m worth it” Wu. Heh!

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