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2008 Wrap-up delayed indefinitely

Completely minor announcement: there will be no “End of 2008″ post on this blog anytime soon, and barring another self-serving edition of Kozo’s Mailbag, I’ll probably be stepping away from this blog for a few more weeks.

Someone is already unhappy about the news:

I’m so unhappy
“Whaddya mean no ‘End of 2008′ post?
What am I supposed to do now?”

Even though Ekin is unhappy, nobody else should be, because my inability to work on this blog has everything to do with this website. Since returning to Hong Kong from the USA this past week, I’ve decided to launch my own mini film festival, where I’ll be going to the movie theater EVERY DAY for over one week in order to catch up on all the films that came out in HK theaters. The pain began yesterday with a screening of IF YOU ARE THE ONE, and will continue tonight with the Chinese government-mandated screening of IP MAN.

Donnie Yen and his brood is happy to hear about it.

Dad rules
“Everyone should see IP MAN! It makes you happier and
ever-so patriotic! My pink shirt rules all!”

The nightmare continues tomorrow with a screening of TACTICAL UNIT: COMRADES-IN-ARMS, another one of those nifty PTU spin-offs starring Simon Yam, Maggie Siu, Lam Suet, and a bunch of other Milky Way people. On Saturday, I’m getting to FOREVER ENTHRALLED, which stars Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Ziyi, and Masanobu Ando of BATTLE ROYALE. I think the star is some unknown male actor.

Here’s a picture of a clothed Zhang Ziyi:

I am clothed here.
“I applaud your ability to waste my time with this blog.
Please don’t look for naked pictures of me online.”

Finally, on Sunday I should be seeing Tony Jaa in ONG BAK 2, which is the sequel to THAI WARRIOR. In the United States, they’ll be calling it THE PROTECTOR 1.5 or THAI WARRIOR TWO. I would have preferred TOM YUM GOONG 2, but who can take that much spicy soup?

Sunday also wraps up with a screening of the long-awaited LADY COP AND PAPA CROOK, which has this for a poster:

Lady Cop and Papa Crook
This movie will rock or I will eat a bug.

Since the film stars my previous number-one idol Sammi Cheng, and only marks the SECOND time she’s made a movie in my FOUR years in Hong Kong, I should view this as some opportunity to reflect upon my time here. To compare, she appeared in TWELVE movies during the four years previous to my Hong Kong arrival. That’s an average of 3 movies a year to only 1 every two years since. What exactly went wrong?

I suppose her scarcity during my time here could be construed as some sort of cosmic sign that life is not turning out as planned. Somewhere along the way, I must have erred, leading to this depressing and unfortunate circumstance where life does not bend itself to my every whim and desire. Coming to Hong Kong should have been the greatest thing to ever happen to me, but what occurred instead? I discovered that I can’t make the friends I want, can’t make the money I want, can’t buy the toys I want, and most important of all, I can’t see as many Sammi Cheng movies as I want. Why have God, Obama, and Eric Tsang forsaken me?

“Were you asking me something? I’m sorry, I’m too
busy sampling this fine bouillabaisse. Afterwards, I’m
going to eat a whole turkey.”

Actually, there is no correlation between the scarcity of Sammi Cheng movies and my current life status. Like they say: sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Sometimes life gives you lemons, and when it does you should make lemonade. Sometimes you have to see the forest for the trees. And sometimes you must step on the gas and sometimes you must step on the brake. These are the life lessons I’ve learned and choose to impart upon anyone dumb enough to think that I’m being serious.

 My ears hurt
“Damn you, Kozo! Stop polluting my air
with your nonsensical prattling!”

Really, there is no deeper meaning to the lack of Sammi Cheng movies - except perhaps it’ll sour me so much on Hong Kong film that I’ll drop my hobby and go back to school as a rhetoric major. If I did that, it would mean I’d be much better at arguing my points, and hopefully people would be more persuaded by my writing. That would be great because then they’d write in less telling me how much they disagree with me.

So yeah, no blog and (maybe) no site updates in the meantime. But hey, I’ll  be spending my minor break at the cinemas, which means more reviews of Hong Kong movies. Better yet, I’ll drag Kevin Ma with me and he can write those reviews. If anything changes this year at, it’ll be that: fewer reviews of Hong Kong movies by me. Every year requires change, and this year, that’s the change. Maybe I’ll compensate by actually posting more on this blog. Either that, or I can finally finish GRAND THEFT AUTO IV.

So sad
“This post makes me so sad.”

Anyway, see you in 2009. Or not. You never know.

11 Responses to “2008 Wrap-up delayed indefinitely”

  1. Marc Says:

    Let me be the first to say I enjoyed those Zhang Ziyi pictures. Them naked ones. I guess people in China will hate her even more (I keep reading people over there hate her, don’t know if that’s true), whilst people in the West - Hollywood - will like her more.

    Sad to hear you’re planning to spend less time on this website in 2009. Hopefully Kevin Ma will fill your shoes well. I like his Ip Man review so that’s a good start.

  2. achillesgirl Says:

    Kozo: You gotta at least tell us whether you had to eat a bug or not over Lady Cop & Papa Crook. Also, have you written to Obama about your situation yet? I’m sure if he talks to Sammi she’ll make more movies for you.

  3. dante Says:

    I’m so out of touch with HK cinema it depresses me… :(
    This time last year I was all over the industry writing my Dissertation on HK Cinema, but once it was finished, I had to save money, so I guess I kind of neglected HK because I knew I would only be teasing myself by looking at films and watching trailers… But alas! today was a great day (apart from being in work) as my brother found a bargain (thanks Credit Crunch!) £2.50 for Flash Point! :D
    Movie night tonight!
    Hurray! :D

  4. saiyu Says:

    Kozo, just enjoy your time to do whatever you want. May be you will discover more fun with the movies when you don’t need to write the reviews all the time. Hope you will enjoy the movies in this new year 2009!

  5. monkeytail Says:

    I hope that you don’t start writing fewer reviews. Kevin Ma’s reviews are okay, but they aren’t the style I’ve grown used to reading over the past six or so years. Either way, I hope 2009 proves to be a good year for you and HK Cinema.

  6. Webmaster Kozo Says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    I look forward to Kevin writing more HK stuff this year. The only reason he didn’t write them before is I tended to monopolize them. More people read the HK reviews on this site, and I’d like more people to read his work.

    I’ll still review a lot of Hong Kong movies this year - so far, I have Tactical Unit, Forever Enthralled, Lady Cop and Papa Crook, and Red Cliff 2 on the “to write” list, but Kevin will handle some of the key ones from time to time.

    Achillesgirl, it looks like the bug issue will have to be addressed one day. :(

  7. C Says:

    Kozo, may be you can watch Bug Me Not! few times again as to solve the bug issue. :(

  8. achillesgirl Says:

    Kozo: would you like your bug sauteed, baked or fried?

  9. Webmaster Kozo Says:

    I was going to write about the bug issue one day, but Red Cliff II review comes first.

    I’m leaning towards fried or sauteed. Either way, I refuse to hunt or scavenge for the bug myself. I’m hoping to purchase it at retail, actually.

  10. achillesgirl Says:

    oooh, oooh, Red Cliff II! Wanna know, wanna know! I’m jumping up and down with excitement!

    Is there lots of John Woo “Sworn brothers must turn against each other with tragic consequences” sadness? Or do T. Kaneshiro and Tony Leung CW live happily ever after in a beautiful faraway fairy kingdom? Tell me how that pans out and we’ll call it even on the bug thing.

  11. keirafan Says:

    ^^I come from a non-asian country and hardly have a chance to get a good review of an asian movie.
    You critisize many movies I really like, but the way you do is great, very sarcastic and I like that.
    I like the Lady Cop and Papa Crook review :D
    I’m looking forward to your next reviews :)

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