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On vacation, plus one last concert

It’s vacation time for - or at least, the person who runs it - so that means another 2 or 3 weeks of hand-wringing as we wonder if the site will ever get updated again. I’ll break the suspense by revealing that it will, indeed, get an update someday. After all, where else will I publish my review of KING OF SPY 2008?

King of Spy
This movie could be playing on You Tube right now

Also, Kevin Ma plans on reviewing Super Duper Communist Movie THE FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC, which details the rise of Communism in the great country of China. I will not be around to see the movie, or I would review it myself. As has been noted on fine Internet publications, everyone who works at this site loves China. *whistles innocently*

Some photos from FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC:

Donnie and Vicki
Donnie Yen and Vicki Zhao as a couple who celebrate
their 10th anniversary by joining the Communist Party

Eva Huang Shengyi
Eva Huang as the Cutest Member of the Communist Party™

Actually, what I’d really like to do is live blog the movie, so I can record the time that every single star appears. Such a list will surely help a ton of potential viewers who want to fast-forward through the film to see the stars (this is probably 80% of the Internet). Sadly, I don’t expect to see Huang Bo in the film, which is a travesty of cinema. Every film needs Huang Bo.

Huang Bo
Huang Bo: making movies awesome since 2006

When I return from my trip, there will be a couple of new Hong Kong films on offer, namely the Herman Yau double feature SPLIT SECOND MURDER and REBELLION.

Split Second Murders
If you’re not Chinese and can name everyone
in this poster, you win a prize

The highlight of REBELLION: a leapfrog competition

The first is an idol-packed Halloween picture while the second is a long-in-the-can triad picture that was teased for release back in 2008. It’s sad the film actually didn’t get a release in 2008  since it stars Shawn Yue, who at this time last year was considered the Hardest Working Man in Hong Kong Cinema. The man had 10 features released in 2007 and 2008, and his only one so far this year will be a holdover from last year. What happened?

Shawn Yue
“People, hire me for your movies! I’ll work for food or tips.
Hell, I’ll work for you if you can recognize me on the street.”

When I return, the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival will be in full swing too. I may or may not review a slew of movies from it, as it’s been my recent pattern to only review Hong Kong films while carefully picking among the rest. I’d leave more to Kevin, but he’s a busy guy, what with school, his blog, the East-West Screen podcast and also his personal life. That he even visits must take precious minutes out of his day. He won’t get those minutes back either.

“Come on…who has time to waste at”

Takeshi has a point. Anyway, here are my planned screenings at the HKAFF:

THE WARRIOR AND THE WOLF (with Joe Odagiri in attendance)
THIRST (with Park Chan-Wook in attendance)
AIR DOLL (with nobody in attendance)
WHEAT (starring Fan Bing-Bing)
WEAVING GIRL (Starring Yu Nan and Guo Tao. Guo Tao!)
COW (starring Huang Bo!)
SEVEN 2 ONE (Directed by Danny Pang)
…plus maybe some short films and some Bollywood, if I can squeeze it in. You can check out the complete list on their just-launched website.

That’s quite a list, huh? If you’re going to the HKAFF and select these films for your viewing pleasure then you risk running into me. If I do see you, I promise not to spit on you, but besides that, everything is fair game.

Shu Qi
“Ha ha, people spitting at me is nothing! I’m used to much worse!”

Let’s wrap up this obligatory September post with a look at Leon Lai’s last concert, entitled DREAM WEDDING. The concert occurred a couple of months ago, but I’m only blogging about it now. It was a simple affair, with a small stage rather than one of those crazy stages inspired by TRANSFORMERS. As expected, Leon was all professional charm, meaning he was suave and punctual. At the end of the concert here was a Typhoon Signal number 8 and he practically sprinted off the stage.

Leon Lai feels the burn
“Typhoon warning? Screw the encore - I’m out of here!”

While at the concert, I snapped some pictures. Here’s a good shot of my vantage point:

Once again, Leon Lai is upstaged by cables

And here’s a photo of Leon Lai and special guest Janice Man, who wowed the audience with her red dress if not her actual talent.

The cables are still the most interesting part of this photo

And, finally a cable-free photo:

Leon gives the cheap seats some love

Overall, the concert was enjoyable but a little on the low-energy side. Then again, Leon Lai is not one of those “go all out, bust my ass” performers like Aaron “I almost die in concerts” Kwok. Leon is more of a suave customer or cool cat, which comes off charming at concerts but kind of dull on the big screen.

At least at concerts he’ll do his own stunts:

Is it hot in here or is it just Leon? Oh, it’s the fire.

My favorite song that evening was the wonderfully titled, “I Love You OK”, which is a lyric and song title that confuses me. Does “OK” represent the measurement of Leon’s love? If so, then the poor girl on the receiving end should look for someone who actually loves her more than just “OK”. Saying that you love someone “OK” is like saying that you love someone “somewhat”. Is that what girls are looking for nowadays?

Janice Man is looking for that number on Leon’s left leg

The other reading of the title is “I love you, okay?!?”, which implies that Leon Lai is impatient in declaring his love for his girlfriend. She probably asked for his feelings while he was busy playing BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM for his PlayStation 3, and right before he got the coveted 40-hit Freeflow Combo, she annoyed him by asking “Hey, how do you feel about me?”. Well, if that’s the case - that Leon was going to get another Trophy to show off his leet status on the PlayStation Network, and then was rudely interrupted - then we fully sympathize with his impatience.

Either way, we know the truth: Leon Lai is not much of a boyfriend.

“Don’t bother me when I’m eating fruit, woman!”

Check out the song for yourself. BONUS: the video also features Athena Chu.

By the way, seeing Leon Lai in concert means that I have now seen every single one of the Sky Kings - Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai - after arriving here in Hong Kong nearly five years ago. This accomplishment brings me ever closer to getting the hell out of Dodge. Seeing all the Sky Kings in concert was one of the biggest things I wanted to accomplish during my stay in Hong Kong, and with that out of the way probably the most glaring thing not yet completed is meeting Ekin Cheng. If I can accomplish that, it may spell the end of in Hong Kong. Don’t worry, we’ll still review DVDs.

“You’ll still review DVDs? That was NOT what I wanted to hear!”

Oh, sorry. Well, off to Japan. See you in a few.

6 Responses to “On vacation, plus one last concert”

  1. Mike Mai Says:

    leon actually danced back then??? wow

  2. Wongsaurus Says:

    You’re awfully generous in your faint praise of Leon. To me, he will always be Dullsville and a girly man. You want to leave Dodge? Perhaps you might want to set some new long range goals if meeting EC was the last of your planned accomplishments. HK is such a wonderland I thought you’d want to be a permanent expat. Maybe the next two objectives is Cantonese fluency and an HK wife. LOL.

  3. Foxlore Says:

    Hey Kozo,

    Hope you are having a great time in Japan, but hurry up and get back here. The party needs your support and praise for the Super Duper Communist Movie (oh yes…you ‘will’ praise it ;-P )

  4. eliza bennet Says:

    Have a great time in Japan and I’ll look forward to your reviewing the Super Duper Communist Movie :)

    Congratulations for Sky King concert completion!

  5. David Harris Says:

    Hi Webmaster!

    I heard Leon auditioned for the remake of Robocop :)

  6. Webmaster Kozo Says:

    Back in Hong Kong, yay! The 700 emails in my work inbox dampen my enthusiasm, though.

    Hmm, apparently few Leon fans read this blog. Considering the actual traffic numbers, that’s not surprising. Having met Leon, I think I’ve become more charitable, though yes, his acting has been uninspired on more than one occasion.

    Hi Wongsaurus, your suggestions are good ones. I’ll try to tackle them in yet another navel-gazing “Life with Kozo” entry, which should be about my plan to either stay long term in Hong Kong or leave within a year. Even wonderlands can tire you out.

    Hi Eliza, it’s great to finally complete the Sky King concert run. I recommend you try it out if you ever make it back this way.

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