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Good luck, Nick! Plus some shameless self promotion.

Charlene Choi has a little message for everyone:

“Yay, I’m on happy pills!”

Charlene is in a good mood, so we all should be too. The State demands it.

Kevin Ma of the Golden Rock pointed me in the direction of the following YouTube clip. It’s a RTHK (Hong Kong’s resident public broadcasting organization) segment about a young man from the U.K. named Nick, who decided to come to Hong Kong to break into the film industry. His inspiration: INFERNAL AFFAIRS, which he’s seen 30 times. You can watch the embedded segment below. It’s in Cantonese but Nick speaks mostly in English.

SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION ALERT: Check out both the 2:40 and the 6:34 mark of the embedded RTHK video featuring Nick.

After viewing this segment, my respect for both Nick and RTHK just went up a few notches - all because of their choice of web destinations.

Seriously, I wish Nick the best of luck. The film biz is thankless and difficult, and not for anyone who thinks opportunities and acclaim should be handed to them on a silver platter. He seems humble and hardworking, and if he does make it I’m sure he’ll have earned it.

Good luck, Nick! If you’re reading this, contact me and I’ll buy you a drink someday. I would show you a location from INFERNAL AFFAIRS but I’m sure you’ve found them all.

14 Responses to “Good luck, Nick! Plus some shameless self promotion.”

  1. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar Says:

    Nifty story

    Take him to the Ruth’s Chris where Tony Leung smashed the guy in the head with the ashtray

  2. anotherlonelyday Says:

    whenever a rthk programme comes on (in our uk-chinese television) i always try to catch it because quite simply i love what they do. the topics, the narration, the simple filming etc.

    the subject is always told from different aspects of hong kong life and is a real insight. i’ve learnt and observed many things of hong kong that i probably would never have the chance to get an view from the people behind it. from poverty, to disappearing local communities, to why live chickens are not as readily available for hkers, to understanding the hk born and bred south asian population, to foreigners who speak fluent cantonese, to the local indie bands who are trying to keep it real etc..

  3. C Says:

    Wow Kozo, so your website is on TV now? Congratulations! Nick seems to be a nice and hardworking guy who is willing to learn Cantonese. He seems good about speaking Cantonese, too. I appreciate so much about his afford and also wish him best of luck. (He is cute, too!) So, when is your turn to follow Nick’s step? I hope this is a great encouragement to people who loves hk film.

  4. Silverdarkside Says:

    I wonder what would Felix Chong, Alan Mak and Andrew Lau would say if they watched this: “We need that guy. We can work him and he’ll love every moment of it!” or “Its time for IA4″.

    Personally Infernal Affairs was the last ‘HK film’ I actually remember fondly of. I’m not sure what happened post 2002. Personally I would’ve liked to hear what other HK movies Nick enjoys. That kind of passion is hard to find, especially towards a movie industry that is losing its identity…

  5. quadshock Says:

    I worked with Nick this past summer. Awesome guy; very knowledgeable in more than just Hong Kong film. He told us about this upcoming documentary about him and it’s cool to see it’s finally up!

  6. TheGoldenRock Says:

    Hey, Quadshock,

    Tell Nick to contact us, we’d love to meet any fan of the site! Do you know Norman (the guy interviewed about Nick) as well?

  7. Leemoy Says:


    Election is a good film. Exiled an awesome one.Sparrow, Protege, and so on. Unfortunely the number of good films per year is decreasing.

    My mom says I speak Cantonese like a Japanise. Well, that’s not related to anything. lol eh, he is learning pretty well. His tones are correct in most of the words. Good luck, Nick!! Wish you success!

  8. Webmaster Kozo Says:

    Hi C,

    I think it would be great if RTHK covered LoveHKFilm, but frankly there are so many similar people - international movie fans who live and work in Hong Kong - that we’re not that big a deal. I think it would be best to spotlight Kevin at The Golden Rock, because he’s really trying to be a filmmaker.

    Hi Quadshock,

    Yeah, if you do know Nick tell him to contact us - I’d be glad to buy him a drink and hear his story. It doesn’t matter if he’s a fan of the site or not. Frankly, I’m surprised that anyone even knows we exist.

  9. quadshock Says:


    I have contacted him about this and he’s a busy guy. If you would like me to give you his email directly… I am sure he won’t mind… then I can probably do that through the site in a private message. Really a great guy; you would not regret meeting him if you have a chance.

    I actually think this site has a pretty good reputation. I’ve read in more than a few places that people would read a bad review of a movie, see that you guys give it a warm review, and decide to purchase it anyway. Because when you guys give high praise to a film, it’s REALLY good.

  10. Webmaster Kozo Says:

    Hi Quadshock,

    Sure, whatever works for Nick - that is, if he’s really interested in meeting me and Kevin at The Golden Rock. Truth to tell, we’re quite busy too. Things may not let up until after the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, and that’s in late October. At least we can touch base.

    About your second point, I’m very familiar with the whole “LoveHKFilm hates everything” perception. I see it when I lurk on sites from time to time. I’ve always been a little surprised at LoveHKFilm having any rep because I created it mainly to amuse myself. Can’t say I expected actual journalists or professionals to visit the site. It just means I have to do a better job.

    Thanks for help contacting Nick!

  11. 1lau Says:

    OMG, this website has ruined another life. xD

    But seriously, this was a nice video. It was funny to hear him talk Cantonese like the other (Kwai Lohs)on TV series of TVB.

    I hope Nick can fulfill his dream. Go Nick!

  12. logboy Says:

    hats off to the man. easily the most interesting video about a fan of any form of Asian cinema that I’ve seen.

  13. Anonyme Says:

    Really? You guys have a reputation for hating everything? I always thought you guys were way too nice to too many bad movies. Interesting.

  14. scott mattock Says:

    His names, Nick Eriksson. Just search him on facebook if u want to chat to him.

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