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25 Top Hong Kong Films of the Decade — now with 50 films

Voting for the Top 25 Hong Kong Films of the Decade ends this Friday, and response has been good. I was hoping to get 100 respondents and we’re getting there - no small feat for a dinky blog/site like this one.

“Your website is so small,
that I could easily crush it with my left hand.”

The best thing about the votes so far is that the films have been so diverse that I can expand this list to a Top 50. Hopefully, a Top 50 would help people discover more key films of the ‘aughts than this site’s up-and-down reviews do. Also, a Top 50 allows for lots of films aside from the “usual suspects” to make the list - if you get my meaning.

So, we’ll do a Top 50 Countdown after Christmas. Hooray!

Simon Yam
“I’m not that excited, but my tongue sure is!”

A couple of notes for those who haven’t voted:

  • The only film series we’re counting as one single film is RED CLIFF 1 & 2. Everything else, including the INFERNAL AFFAIRS series, the GOLDEN CHICKEN series and the STEPHY/ALEX series counts as single films.
  • If a list comes unordered, I’m only going to offer 1 point per film. Really, that’s not a lot at this stage, so please do order your lists 1 through 10.
  • If a list contains ineligible films (like films from the 80s or 90s), I just don’t count it. Nothing on the list gets moved up.
  • When final voting numbers come out, there will be two tiebreakers for movies with the same number of points. The first is which film got more first-place votes. The second is which film got more total votes. This should eliminate some ties.

The rest of the details about participating can be found here.

I apologize for the somewhat haphazard rules. This was sort of a trial run, but we’ll fix up the rules the next time we do something like this. I’m thinking probably another voting topic in early 2010.

“Wow, let me contain my enthusiasm.
There, it’s contained.”

Finally, some acknowledgment to Brian Cronin over at the Comics Should Be Good Blog. He doesn’t know me from Ekin, but my decision to do this poll was partly inspired by his frequent list-making at that site. Tim Youngs and Paul Fox suggested something similar, so a tip of the hat to them too.

If you haven’t voted yet, please do! The first 10 films will get posted up here starting Monday the 28th.

3 Responses to “25 Top Hong Kong Films of the Decade — now with 50 films”

  1. kyra Says:

    Can’t wait for the result….err..have you received my vote?

  2. Webmaster Kozo Says:

    Hi Kyra, I did get your votes and have already tallied them up. Results will start next week. I’m just trying to free up my time to make it a daily update.

  3. hyrule Says:

    It was so hard not makin the top 10 of the decade into the top 10 Johnnie To films of the decade, is a bit sad.

    Sounds a bit like Storm Warriors could have fit the bill for me, but i won’t be able to see it this year. :P But visually interesting almost always comes before story/characters for me nowadays.

    Looking forward to the countdown!

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