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Coming soon: Our countdown of the Best 150 Hong Kong Films Ever

Voting is officially done on our Best 100 Hong Kong Films Ever reader vote. We took in over 160 submissions with nearly 400 movies suggested, and the point distribution looks like it’ll support a list with at least 150 films. So that’s what we’ll do: publish a countdown of the Best 150 Hong Kong Films Ever as selected by LoveHKFilm Readers.

Donnie Yen’s chances of getting Mismatched Couples on the list have suddenly increased.

“You trying to fight me Keanu? Because I’m over here.”

We are (or I am, to be more specific) now counting the votes and we should be hopefully be done this week. After that, we have to format the list, write the blurbs, dig up the photos and then publish the whole thing for your reading pleasure/derision. It’s a lot of work, but it’ll hopefully pay off with smiles and rainbows. Really, those things happen a lot less than you’d think.

A word of warning: a lot of the titles previously featured on our Aughts, Nineties and Eighties lists show up again. This Best Hong Kong Films Ever vote was severely loaded with those previously selected films, so expect a list with the same old movies directed by the same old directors and starring the same old actors. This is to be expected as LoveHKFilm is largely a site devoted to Hong Kong Cinema from the eighties-and-up, so the films readers favor would naturally skew that direction. Not exactly a victory for diversity, I know.

The good news? MY WIFE IS EIGHTEEN, which ranked #35 on our Top 50 Hong Kong Movies of the Aughts reader vote, doesn’t look like it’s going to make the cut. Or gain a vote, actually.

“Don’t worry Charlene, MY SASSY HUBBY
will totally be the best film of the year.”

Not as many people participated in our Best Hong Kong Film Performances reader vote, but we’ve received enough to do something fun on the side. I figure we’ll name a Best Actor and Best Actress, plus name actors and roles that got a lot of votes (i.e., more than just three or four). Naming a Most Popular Actor and Most Popular Actress is a good idea too, though before even counting the votes I’m going to guess Tony Leung Chiu-Wai and Maggie Cheung will win those.

We’ll also name a Best Hong Kong Film Performance Ever to the actor and role that got the most votes. I guarantee the winner will not be Aaron Kwok in CITY UNDER SIEGE.

This picture is complete crap.
You know Aaron Kwok doesn’t actually shave.

Actual posts kicking this thing off will likely start in another ten days and then run through the rest of the month. Hopefully it’ll work out and it won’t be 2013 before we finish this thing. See you in a few.

7 Responses to “Coming soon: Our countdown of the Best 150 Hong Kong Films Ever”

  1. valeriesoe Says:

    Woo hoo! Cannot wait–

  2. Mick Says:

    Looking forward to it!

  3. laicheukpan Says:

    I’m checking this website on a daily basis to see kozo has made an update.

  4. Veronica Says:

    Aah, same here. Checking it everyday. When are you gonna release the Grand Finale?

  5. Webmaster Kozo Says:

    I’m thinking Monday to start, though it depends on how much I get done this weekend. Writing has been slow, plus I have some extra freelance to take care of this weekend.

    Sorry for taking so long to get this going!

  6. Lisa in Toronto Says:

    Whenever you publish is terrific.
    I am looking forward to seeing the results!

  7. econdor Says:

    This is gonna rock Woot Woot

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