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Note: This blog expresses only the opinions of the blog owner,
and does not represent the opinion of any organization or blog
that is associated with Damn you, Kozo!.…now with Twitter

We were always Twits, but now we’re on Twitter. Look who’s excited:

Tom Cruise
“Yesssssss! I’m STOKED for this, man!”

Oh, hmm, wrong guy for this site. How about this:

“Oh boy! on Twitter!
It makes me drool. I also need walkies.”

The official LoveHKFilm Twitter feed can be found RIGHT HERE GO NOW. There’s actually another LoveHKFilm Twitter out there but I have no idea who runs it or what they do. I’m guessing it’s not related to me because my multiple personality disorder was cured back in 2004.

Joining Twitter is just another part of this website’s quest to take over the universe, or at least find other ways to prevent our eventual death. As the site enters its ninth year online, we haven’t done much to enhance ourselves beyond some barely updated blogs and a greater dedication to writing about movies that nobody cares about. There are some personal reasons in there too, but I shan’t bore you with them because this post is about and not the dope who runs the thing.

Right now, I’m the only one who’s using it, but sooner or later, I hope to add a few other people so we can collectively dispense news, tidbits or chatter relating to Hong Kong Cinema and the HK film scene. As such, when I write about myself on Twitter I will likely be talking in the 3rd person. I’m sure that’ll excite people.

Sad Cecilia
“Actually, this news makes me sad. Why does
LoveHKFilm have to find new ways to hurt us?”

Sorry Cecilia. We’ll stop making fun of you for a week.

Anyway, LoveHKFilm Twitter is now launched. If we can use it for another 6 months before mothballing it, it’ll already be a success.

2 Responses to “…now with Twitter”

  1. Yinique Says:

    Well, I guess that gives me an excuse to jump on the Twitter bandwagon now as well. Then I can officially say that I’m With Coco *and* Kozo :)

  2. Webmaster Kozo Says:

    Hey Yinique, great to have you on the Twitter bandwagon. I only started using my Twitter account because I have to open one for my day job and would like to try using it beforehand. We’ll see if it’s a distraction or an addition to My next goal is to get someone to ghost Twitter for me.

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