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The Best 3 Hong Kong Movies of the Decade

UPDATE: Sorry, this is fake. Our clock is set four months ahead and we thought it was April 1st. Feel free to skip this blog entry and read the other ones. Our apologies to Stephen Chow. And Jay Chou. And also Obama.

And here are the Best 3 Hong Kong Movies of the Decade, presented early for your pleasure and/or annoyance.

Here we go:

3. PLAYBOY COPS (2008), directed by Jingle Ma - 219 points, 15 first place votes - LoveHKFilm Review

Playboy Cops

Jingle Ma had to make this list sometime, and this Shawn Yue-Aloys Chen homoerotic tag-teamer fits the bill just fine. A blockbuster on all three cinema screens it appeared on, PLAYBOY COPS has only grown in legend since its home video debut. I own twelve copies of this film, eight on DVD and four on VCD. I intend on buying six Blu-ray copies later to give to each of my children.

2. LOVE IS NOT ALL AROUND (2007), directed by Patrick Kong - 10,000 points - LoveHKFilm Review

Love is Not All Around

No list of the decade’s best films is complete without a Patrick Kong epic, which manages to encapsulate all of man’s struggles with love, loss, jealousy, pettiness and complete and total idiocy in less than two hours. Kong’s other films would have made it to this list too, but the unbridled power of his filmography is impossible to calculate. I tried, but it destroyed my Excel spreadsheet. Bonus points: Stephy, Stephy and Stephy. And maybe Miki.

1. THE WESLEY’S MYSTERIOUS FILE (2002), directed by Andrew Lau Wai-Keung - 68,250 points, 808 first place votes - LoveHKFilm Review

The Wesley’s Mysterious File

Andy Lau and Shu Qi acting in English? Aliens played by Mark Cheng and Almen Wong? Wong Jing in a scene-stealing cameo? Wearing a suit? This movie rocked, plain and simple. The only thing better than THE WESLEY’S MYSTERIOUS FILE is its poster. And maybe DREAM OF A WARRIOR. I saw this movie at the Four Star Theater in San Francisco back in 2002 and it was a life-defining moment. I’m guessing I was high at the time, but the arrest records were sealed six years ago so I may never know.

That’s it! Our apologies to CHINA STRIKE FORCE, which would have been the number one film had it not been disqualified for sheer awesomeness. Stop back to vote again in 2019!

Click to visit the real TOP 3 HONG KONG MOVIES OF THE DECADE.

14 Responses to “The Best 3 Hong Kong Movies of the Decade”

  1. Wongsaurus Says:

    Hey Kozo -
    This is the best holiday present I got! A late (or early?) April Fools Day joke that has been long missing from the website. I laffed my ass off. I hope the other readers appreciate the fine Kozo humor on this one!

  2. Leemoy Says:

    Holy s… LMAO

    Spanish countries april fools day equivalent was this monday, is Kozo Mexican?

    Andy Lau is god, that is why everyone voted Wesleys Misterious File. Worthy the first place. LOL

  3. Stephen Chow Says:

    This is outrageous! I demand a recount!

  4. Ben Says:

    LOL! You b@stard!

  5. Raito Says:

    OMG, I fell for it and was momentarily really pissed, lol.

  6. AlHaru Says:

    Sorry I must have missed something. This is real, right?

    #1 & #2 are 58,250 pts apart, wow, Andrew Lau has so much love from everyone. Lau’s sci-fi masterpiece presents a career-turning point for Andy, who looked scorching hot and clever with those glasses, and offers an opportunity for fellow “FBI” actors to, for a limited time only, speak broken English. A real cinematic ge(r)m.

    This is it. I’m glad I’ve participated in this poll. Thanks guys. Love you all.

  7. ToJo Says:

    wow, i almost fell for it. Not bad Kozo, not bad.

  8. Foxlore Says:

    Yes!!! The 10,000 point rule for Stephy lives!!! All hail the cookie ;-P

    …Happy New Year eveyone. :-D

  9. TheGoldenRock Says:

    Yup, I called it! Can’t believe I guessed everything else wrong.

    …And then Kozo will revoke my critic rights if I’m being serious, so just kidding!

  10. sinD Says:

    LOL! At first I was pissed b/c Playboy Cops was so bad I couldn’t even finish watching it.
    I wonder what are the real top 3 movies.

  11. Jay Chou Says:

    A top 50 films without any Jay Chou movies ?

    This is an April fools joke that comes 3 months too early

  12. Webmaster Kozo Says:

    I don’t know what you all are talking about. This thing was stone-cold serious.

  13. post67 Says:

    LOL, I fell for it and actually LOL

  14. Danny Says:

    Haven’t laughed so hard in a while.
    Good one Kozo!

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