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Archive for the ‘Reader Votes’ Category

The Best 200 Hong Kong Films Ever - Numbers 80-61

Before we continue our countdown of THE BEST HONG KONG FILMS EVER, we’re pausing for a message from our sponsor:

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Brand Takeshi.”

Onwards and upwards. This is Day 5 of THE BEST 200 HONG KONG FILMS EVER, and we’re slowing down ever-so-slightly to 20 films per post. That’ll continue until we reach number 20, after which we’ll go 10, 5 and 5. We’ve planned this down to the last detail. Except for figuring out the BEST HONG KONG FILM EVER. We’ll decide that using a coin toss the day after tomorrow.

Don’t forget to read from the beginning if you’re just joining us.

Previous updates:
Numbers 200-171
Numbers 170-141
Numbers 140-111
Numbers 100-81

Time to jump for Jesus! Or his secular equivalent!


The Best Hong Kong Films Ever - Numbers 110-81

Greetings and welcome to the fourth installment of THE BEST HONG KONG FILMS EVER. We’re getting through this thing, though it’s become a bit tiresome, like eating your vegetables or watching a Hou Hsiao-Hsien film.

“I know, I can’t stand Hou Hsiao-Hsien films.
Really, everything about Taiwan sucks.”

Standard boilerplate that we must say every time: if you’re just joining us, make sure to go back to beginning to get the full story of this reader vote there. Joining anything halfway, like a movie or a surgical procedure, reduces the benefits of said thing greatly. Better to get in on the ground floor and not worry if you missed anything at the start.

Previous updates:
Numbers 200-171
Numbers 170-141
Numbers 140-111

Almost to the halfway point! Hit the jump and lets get there.


The Best Hong Kong Film Performances - Part 2 - Bronze and Silver Performances

Hello, and welcome to the second installment of THE BEST HONG KONG FILM PERFORMANCES, as decided upon by readers. This is the type of reader vote that gives multiple awards to Chow Yun-Fat and Leslie Cheung but ignores thespians like Jay Chou. It is a mind-boggling crime.

At least Jay Chou has abs and a grandmother to caress them:

There is nothing awkward about this photo at all.

Last time we gave away Honorable Mentions to performances receiving 5-7 votes by over 80 of our readers. This time, it’s the Bronze Performances, given to anyone who got 8-9 votes, and Silver Performances, given to anyone who got 10-13. Why only a 2-point range for Bronze but a 4-point range for Silver. Hmmm, no reason at all, except it means 5 performances per tier. The math is messy but the symmetry is oh-so-nice.

If you’re just arriving at our BEST HONG KONG FILM PERFORMANCES series, be sure to check out the first post before you read the rest. Chronological progression, like symmetry, is pretty nifty.

Previous updates:
- Honorable Mentions

Hit the jump to see who gets the Bronze!


The Best Hong Kong Films Ever - Numbers 140-111

Welcome to Day 3 in our countdown of the BEST HONG KONG FILMS EVER. Already the unthinkable has happened: FUTURE COPS has appeared on this list. It’s like Armageddon.

“I told you: you make a deal with the devil
and good things will happen. This explains my career.”

Like we always say, if this is the first time you’re visiting this page, you should head back to the beginning. Then you experience this thing in order and become more and more frustrated as middling films rank above great ones. Like THE TWINS EFFECT over THE 8 DIAGRAM POLE FIGHTER, or FUTURE COPS over everything. Some things just defy explanation.

Previous Updates:
Numbers 200-171
Numbers 170-141

Hit the jump and let’s keep this thing moving! We may never finish at this rate.



The Best Hong Kong Films Ever - Numbers 170-141

Hi, and welcome to Day Two of our countdown of THE BEST 200 HONG KONG FILMS EVER. In the first installment, which covered numbers 200-171, the Twins actually had two films show up. They must be feeling pretty good right now.

“Hey Hong Kong Cinema, who’s your daddy?”

Actually, knowing the rest of this countdown, Hong Kong Cinema’s daddy is most definitely not them.

If this is the first whiff you’re getting of this countdown, we suggest you head back and check out the first entry. It gives you an idea of where this is going, plus prevents you from asking where that damn SEX AND ZEN movie ranks.

Previous entries:
Numbers 200-171

Enough talk, hit the jump to see if MIGHTY PEKING MAN shows up!


The Best Hong Kong Film Performances - Part 1 - Honorable Mentions

As promised, here’s our nifty sidebar to the BEST HONG KONG FILMS EVER countdown, presenting the BEST HONG KONG FILM PERFORMANCES as voted upon by Readers.

You know who’s excited:

Tony Leung Chiu-Wai as Puss in Boots from SHREK 2.

Who’s not so excited:

“First you take my helicopter, and now this!”

Some quick facts about this vote: about 83 readers participated, with each able to vote for 10 performances. Each vote was given a single point, and considering that a total of 311 performances were voted on, it was an achievement for any single performance to get even 5 votes.

We’ve decided to announce the results of this vote in tiers:

- Honorable Mentions to performances receiving between 5-7 votes
- Bronze Performances to performances receiving between 8-9 votes
- Silver Performances to performances receiving between 10-13 votes
- Gold Performances to performances receiving between 14-16 votes
- Best Performance by an Actor + 1 runner-up to the top 2 male perfs
- Best Performance by an Actress + 1 runner-up to the top 2 female perfs
- and finally a Best Performance Ever designation to the absolute top vote-getter

As usual, this process has zero actual meaning in the world of cinema. This is a vote run by fans for fans, so expect a lot of popular choices and beautiful people. Actually, if you think about it, the Golden Globes are run this way too.

We’ll handle this between all the BEST HONG KONG FILMS EVER posts going on.

Let’s get to it! Hit the jump:


The Best Hong Kong Films Ever - Numbers 200-171

It’s about damn time we started this thing. Who’s excited?

Wong Jing is excited, but not about this list of Hong Kong films.

In case you’re just joining us, this is our countdown of THE BEST HONG KONG FILMS EVER as decided upon by readers. Originally we were going to list 150 films but because of the amount of participation - 166 voters, 481 films nominated - we were able to extend this out to a massive list of 200 films. Shocking. I mean, who knew people liked that many Hong Kong movies?

So, what’s this list good for? Well, besides reading material at work, you can use this as a list of recommended films as selected by your peers. Who better to tell you what to watch than other normal people, plus a few journalists, film fest personnel, the occasional producer and some crazy Wong Jing fans? This list easily beats my list of 15 personal recommendations, though honestly each one of those films does appear (Spoiler!). I’m nothing if not a crowd follower.

The caveat: our list is not meant to be authoritative or all encompassing. Really, this whole exercise was done in fun so I hope you don’t look at it derisively and snort, “This is some fanboy crap.” It’s a list created by people who actually cared enough about Hong Kong Cinema to email us and tell us what they like. As such, we hope you respect the list as you would their individual opinions.

If not, too bad. File your grievance with Jay Chou:

“Go ahead and complain, this microphone isn’t plugged in.”

To get us started, this blog entry will reveal numbers 200-171 of the BEST HONG KONG FILMS EVER, with subsequent blog entries revealing more and more until we finish up sometime in 2013. If you’d like to find out about the scoring system and all that mathematical jazz, you can read about it at the original post here. At the end of this process we’ll reveal the entire list so that you can pick it apart until you’re blue in the face.

Oh, and in between we’ll throw out some of the results of our BEST HONG KONG FILM PERFORMANCES reader vote. We plan on sleeping when this whole thing is over.

Hit the jump to start at number 200!


Voting now open for The Best Hong Kong Movies Ever + Best Hong Kong Film Performances Ever. This is the big one.

Hey everyone, it’s time for the next and final reader vote here at Who’s ready?

“This time FUTURE COPS wins for sure.”

As it’s the 10th year of this site’s existence, I figured it would be nice to run one last winner-takes-all reader vote for The Best 100 Hong Kong Films Ever. It’ll work the same as it always has: readers vote, I tally up the picks and them announce them countdown-style. Each time I’ve done this, it’s provided entertaining results that help to alleviate the boredom of at least a handful of people. So why not again?


Top 100 Hong Kong Films of the Eighties Postmortem - Full list + Stats

MEGA IMPORTANT NOTE: IF you’re just happening across this Top 100 Hong Kong Films of the Eighties feature for the first time, we strongly suggest you head all the way back to this post to start the countdown from the very beginning. It’s more fun to read the entire thing from Number 100 down to Number 1, plus you get to see all the nifty movie posters. Please do it now. For justice.

Nic Tse
“Go back to the beginning. I’m not going to tell you twice.”

Okay, onwards and upwards:


Top 100 Hong Kong Films of the Eighties - Numbers 5-1 and we’re done

I thought we’d never get here.

This is the final post in our incredibly drawn-out and tiresome Top 100 Hong Kong Films of the Eighties countdown and it’s frankly insane that it took us 11 days to get here. It seems like I’m just delaying the inevitable.

Chow again
“I”m going to win, right? Because if I don’t I’m going
to sign that contract to make BULLETPROOF MONK 2.”

Yep, it’s time for Chow Yun-Fat to claim his rightful place as King of the Eighties, but before we get there, here’s the boilerplate:

This is’s Top 100 Hong Kong Movies of the Eighties countdown. It’s selected by over 130 people who either read or chance upon it while looking for BitTorrent links. If you just arrived here and haven’t seen Number 100-6, we suggest you first use the links below because it’s more exciting to read the countdown in the correct order. Well, I can’t prove it’s more exciting but trust me, it is. Scout’s honor.

Previous updates:
Numbers 101-81
Numbers 80-61
Numbers 60-41
Numbers 40-31
Numbers 30-21
Numbers 20-11
Numbers 10-6

Let’s get this thing done! I got a plane to catch and actual film reviews to write.

(more…) Copyright © 2002-2019 Ross Chen