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Archive for the ‘Film Criticism’ Category

Who Reviews the Reviewer?

Statler and Waldorf

Reviewing movies seems pretty easy, doesn’t it? With the advent of the internet and now the rise of blogs galore, everyone — and I mean, everyone — can be a movie critic. But then again, even before all this technology enabled people to have a voice, every single of one of us had the potential to be film critics. I mean, when audiences were leaving screenings of James Whale’s Frankenstein in 1931, I’m sure folks were giving “reviews” to their friends and families that were equivalent to our own contemporary usage of such ever-descriptive critiques as “It sucked!” or “It rocked!” In that respect, reviewing movies is easy — you see a movie, you blurt out your reaction, and you’ve got a review…of sorts. But I think trying to do this job responsibly is actually a pretty hard task if you put any degree of thought into it.

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