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Archive for the ‘Nikita’ Category

La Femme Nikita 2010


Maggie Q, looking a heckuva lot like Jim Lee-era Psylocke

Maggie Q is my girlfriend’s father’s employee’s ex-girlfriend. What’s that make us? Absolutely nothing. Nevertheless, my interest was piqued when I recently learned that the former Maggie Quigley will be starring in the CW’s adaptation of Luc Besson’s La Femme Nikita (1990).

This marks the third official remake* of the original French film starring Anne Parillaud. The first, Point of No Return (1993), was directed by John Badham and starred Bridget Fonda. The second, a 1997 TV series that ran for five seasons on the USA channel, starred Peta Wilson, who later appeared as Mina Harker in a movie so bad that it made Sean Connery quit acting altogether.

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