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Translation Service

Opening Titles

The first reader who correctly translates the above text for me wins an as-of-now undetermined prize of some sort. I know that doesn’t sound very promising, but believe me, your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to any and all participants!

3 Responses to “Translation Service”

  1. LittleFish Says:


    The first line is a person’s name: Chen(2) Cha(1)li(3) translate to English is: Charles Chen. The second line’s Pin yin is: xin(1) xue(4)an(4). Xin(1) means new. Xue(4)an(4) literally means blood case, and usually means murder case.
    So basically you get “Charlie Chen’s new murder case.”

  2. Mark Wright Says:

    Charlie Chan’s Blood Case

    Little Fish got it right except us kwai lo would call Chen- Chan

    Love the old Hollywood Charlie Chan movies (though I’m guessing this isn’t a Hollywood movie)

    BTW thanks, I use your site to choose my Asian movies and to understand them better.

  3. Calvin McMillin Says:

    @LittleFish. As Chan would say, “Thank you, so much.” You’ll hear from me shortly.

    @Mark Wright — It’s actually from the opening credits of “The New Adventures of Charlie Chan,” a 1950s TV series.

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