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Jackie Takes the White House

Jackie and Biden

Both Biden and Chan agreed not to make fun of each other’s hair.

On his official website, Jackie Chan recently blogged about his experience visiting the White House. Attending a State Dinner in conjunction with Hu Jintao’s visit to the United States, Chan got a tour of the White House and met with President Obama, Vice President Biden, Bill and Hilary Clinton, and Jimmy Carter, among others.

For me, three things stand out about the piece: 1) Chan didn’t get a decent picture with President Obama (hence the Biden photo accompanying this article), 2) I find Chan’s photo of himself in front of a portrait of Hilary Clinton strangely amusing, and 3) there’s a hint of mild exasperation in Chan’s caption that accompanies a photo featuring President Obama in a warrior stance. Despite saying that it didn’t bother him, Chan seems to almost be rolling his eyes with the opening clause, “Yes, President Obama made ‘kung fu hands’ at me…” You can read Chan’s full post here.

Jackie and ObamaObama Fu

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