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Shaw Brothers Action Figures — Series 2?

In a follow-up of sorts to yesterday’s post about NECA’s Shaw Bros. action figure line, I did some additional digging and  found out that a series 2 has been planned. According to the website TOYSREVIL, Series 2 actually dates all the way back to New York Comic Con 2008! Characters in this wave include one of the Abbots (Lee Hoi-Sang) from The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Short Axe (Chiang Sheng) from The Kid with the Golden Arm, and To Sheng (Lu Feng) from The Crippled Avengers. According to online toy wholesaler BBCW Distibutors, Inc., both Series 1 and Series 2 may be available for August/TBD 2010 pre-order, although I’ve not received any confirmation from NECA on an actual release date. Here are some NYCC 2008 photos courtesy of via the aforementioned TOYSREVIL (go here for uncropped full-length shots):


Abbot (Lee Hoi-Sang)

Short Axe

Short Axe (Chiang Sheng)

To Sheng

To Sheng (Lu Feng)

So which one will you be buying? And what about a Series 3 wish-list? In addition to Super Inframan, here’s hoping for a Dirty Ho two-pack! (Newbie note: If you’re not familiar with that very entertaining Shaw Bros movie, you probably just think I’m being gross. I’m not.)

One Response to “Shaw Brothers Action Figures — Series 2?”

  1. Wongsaurus Says:

    Thankfully most of this is nostalgia and I can usually resist the impulse buying of action figures. Toy makers pay high licensing fees in order to offer up this stuff to the fans. Despite how cool movie/toy collectibles can be, I am now often content just to admire them without reaching for my wallet. The money spent on figures and other merchandise tie-ins frequently far exceeds the amount spent on just buying the DVD.

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