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Musings from the Edge of Forever

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Takin’ the Day Off

Today, I turn 32. It seems like just the other day, I was still playing with Star Wars figures. Oh wait, that was the other day. Whoops! Anyway, despite my occasional bouts with George Lucas induced immaturity, I think my underlying point still stands.

Time flies. Honestly, I don’t feel very old at all.

Jodo Kast

Clearly I wasn’t kidding. (image courtesy of

So due to the requisite birthday festivities, there will be no update of any real substance to the blog today, as I’ll instead be perusing one of my birthday presents, contemplating a possible frivolous purchase or two, grabbing a bite to eat, and  watching some quality programming on the idiot tube. If I can sneak a Hong Kong movie into the day’s proceedings, that would be ideal. I’ve been working on my dissertation every single day, and I need a break.

For other HK/Asian related news and notes, do yourself a favor and check out Kevin’s recent blog posts on the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival and maybe even catch up on some past blog entries by Kozo and Sanney.

But most importantly, try to find some time to really enjoy the day, wherever you are. Today may not be your birthday, but who cares? The day is yours. Commence seizing. Life’s just too damn short, innit?

Native Oklahoma

2 Responses to “Takin’ the Day Off”

  1. Yinique Says:

    Happy Birthday, Calvin! Hope you have a great day! And lovely final thought; yeah, carpe diem!!

  2. Calvin McMillin Says:

    Thanks. It looks like this day off has turned into a week off! Oh well…

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