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A Long Birthday Break

Save Ferris

Well, it looks like my day off turned into a whole week! On the bright side, the time off from updating the blog gave me the chance to take in some Asian-related films I’d been itching to see — the Thai actioner Raging Phoenix (starring Chocolate’s Jeeja Yanin), the Japanese cult classic horror/comedy/WTF experience known as House (Or Hausu, if that helps you from confusing it with the 1986 William Katt movie), and the ground-breaking, all-Asian American cast musical, Flower Drum Song, starring Nancy Kwan (The World of Suzie Wong) and James Shigeta (The Crimson Kimono). Reviews for these and other films should be ready for the eventual December site update. And although I’m back in Oklahoma for the next week-and-a-half, I’ll be updating the blog as frequently as time permits. Although I can’t always provide up-to-the-minute news and reviews, I hope you’ll at least enjoy the occasional trip down memory lane. Heck, maybe some of it will be new to you.

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