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In the Mood for Lunch

In the Mood for Lunch

With the #lessambitiousfilms meme exploding on Twitter, it was only a matter of time until Hong Kong cinema fans created their own variant #lessambitioushkfilms — with contributions from our very own Kozo, Kevin Ma, Sanney Leung, and yours truly, among many, many others.

Just a few of the highlights include: Sanitary Ho (, The Mid-Level Boss (@TheGoldenRock), Aces Stay Home (@ShelfLifeCC), and Casserole on Fire (@PedestrianY). If you’re game, join in with your own funny contributions to the #lessambitioushkfilms meme on Twitter.

2 Responses to “#lessambitiousHKfilms”

  1. Thomas Tu Says:

    Any chance you can post the actual movie titles along with the less ambitious titles? lol

  2. Calvin McMillin Says:

    Hey Thomas, I almost posted them right next to the less ambitious titles, but I decided to link them instead when I first posted this, so just your mouse over to the individual titles, and it’ll direct you to a review of the movie being parodied. Thanks for reading!

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