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 Not IMAX Glasses

My recent blog post and upcoming full review of The Green Hornet is based on the 3D IMAX version. Whether or not you need to see The Green Hornet in 3-D is highly debatable, as it was post-converted from 2-D. Unlike the disastrous 3-D version of Clash of the Titans, this film turned out to be a fairly successful conversion. By successful, I mean that the 3-D didn’t distort people’s heads or features as it was said to do in that 2010 remake of the 1980 Harry Hamlin-led flick.


In all honesty, however, only certain sequences really benefit from the 3-D overhaul — the “Kato Vision” stuff, specific action scenes, and the end credits. If you absolutely must see it in 3D, then IMAX is the way to go if there’s a theater with that capability nearby. Although IMAX is definitely a bit pricier than regular 3-D, I found the 3-D effect in IMAX to be much improved from the 3-D movies I’ve seen recently. The glasses are definitely much more comfortable, fitting over my own Clark Kent spectacles with the greatest of ease.

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