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Retro Review: ENTER THE DRAGON (1973)

Enter the Dragon

Bruce ponders a Lacanian reading of this famous scene from Enter the Dragon.

Robert Clouse’s 1973 worldwide hit Enter the Dragon is a landmark film for a number of reasons. For starters, not only did the movie help introduce American audiences to the wonders of the martial arts film genre, but it also propelled Bruce Lee to international superstardom, albeit posthumously.

The film has been showing up on HD cable a lot lately, and I’ve been meaning to re-watch the whole thing from the beginning. But from the bits and pieces I’ve watched in glorious high definition, the movie still seems to hold up as the most polished and genuinely fun movie in Bruce Lee’s all-too-short filmography. If I ever do get a chance to sit down and watch this martial arts classic, I’ll be sure to revise my scandalously short, but trivia-packed review, which you can read here. Oh, and under the cut, there’s a nifty, totally 70s trailer embedded for your perusal.


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